Your personal mentors …

“But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid.
Am I in the place of God?
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good
to accomplish what is now being done,
the saving of many lives.”
Genesis 50:19-20

Today, I want to encourage you to remember the goodness and dominion of God to fulfill HIS plans for us ~ and HIS plans are for good (Jeremiah 29:11)!

Bad things happen to all of us in some form or another as we live in a sin sick world.  And in our moments of weakness, we may run with our feelings (like life is over, God forgot about us, our dreams/visions won’t ever come to pass, etc.) ~ right?  In those moments, how quickly we can lose sight of God’s power, love, promises and plans for our lives.

I know I get pretty frustrated with myself when that happens.  But, we have personal mentors in the Bible to show us another way of handing such ‘evil.’  Most recently I was reminded of Joseph as a mentor.  He had visions from God in his youth, visions that he would actually reign over his family.  But, after he shared these visions, ‘bad’ things began happening … His dad was a little miffed when he heard he and his family would be bowing down to Joseph; and his brothers ~ well they mocked him, envied him, and actually planned to kill him.  Ultimately, they left him in a pit and sold him as a slave.  Oh, and then they lied to their dad that Joseph was killed by a wild animal.

While Joseph was in slavery, and later wrongly accused/imprisoned, Joseph kept finding favor from God in the middle of his circumstances, and ultimately he was appointed second in command of Egypt, under Pharaoh – after 13 years of trials, sorrow, and pain!  The key throughout that time, was that Joseph kept his thoughts focused on God, His truths, His hope and His promises. (Philippians 4:8)

No matter what came against Joseph, he never lost sight of God’s sovereignty ~ God’s ability to move mountains and make a way.  And in the end, he was exactly where God wanted him to be ~ overseeing Egypt, preparing for a famine (which he knew about after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream while in prison), and saving his family, as well as many others.  As the story goes on in Genesis, Joseph’s brothers ended up bowing down to him, and being provided for, just as God’s visions foretold.  Yes, God sees the beginning and the end ~ we don’t.

I encourage you (and myself) ~ to never lose sight or be deceived by the attacks of the enemy.  No matter how much ‘evil’ comes against us, God IS with us, lovingly wanting to guide us back on His intended path to good.

It’s a choice, no matter the circumstances!  Seek God first, take encouragement from His personal mentors in the Word, and recall all that is true through Christ Jesus.  Hang on to His promises and to Him every single moment of every day!  

I encourage you to build relationship with God’s mentors in the Bible ~ learn from them. And, I also encourage you to develop relationships with others who will help remind you of what is true.   

God’s Love and Blessings to each one of you!


The Divine Mentor, by Wayne Cordeiro “discover how to enjoy a dynamic, vital, and intimate relationship with God as you learn to hear Him speak daily through the Bible .. His handpicked mentors.”

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