Superbowl-type passion …

Tomorrow’s the big day in the lives of football fans all around ~Superbowl Sunday!
For those who love football … or … like me, the multi-million dollar commercials, you can feel the excitement in the air; water-cooler conversations of which team will win; the party plans ~ the food; and oh, the media hype! Teams are ready to play for the ultimate win, and the crowds are ready to cheer them on with every fiber of their being!

Woman Cheering

What other passions do we have in life, and are we as vibrant with excitement?  What else could stir such a sense of jubilation and anticipation in our own personal lives?

Could it be Jesus?  Could we express such superbowl-type passion for Jesus, who gave His all for us, and won our eternal victory?  Forgave us of our sins, gave us plans for good,and not for calamity; healed our bodies, provided for all our needs  ~ and provides us eternity with God ~ forever?

Superbowl-type passion … let’s cheer and shout and glorify God for His “mercy and loving kindness … from everlasting to everlasting upon those who reverently and worshipfully fear [reverence and awe] Him.”  Psalm 103:17-18

From the Heart ~ if I can be of encouragement to you In and thru Christ, please contact me at

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