As we look back this week, what thoughts controlled our thinking?  Did we observe anything hidden in our thought life that may counter how God sees us?

As I expected, the poll was mixed with those of us who see ourselves as God’s Masterpiece always, sometimes or never.  I know myself, I fell prey to hurtful thoughts last night.  And so what do we do when this happens ~ how do we counter those thoughts?

I’ve heard it said we can’t think or speak two distinctive thoughts simultaneously.  Let’s try it … begin counting 1-10.  One, two, three {now say your name}?  Could you continue counting and say your name in the same exact breath?  I believe not.

Similarly, when we’re thinking negative, hurtful or destructive thoughts ~ as easy as counting one through ten ~ we can either continue OR we can consciously stop the flow, replacing those thoughts with loving, supportive truths from God ~ like saying your name interrupted counting 1-10.

Yes, we have a choice to make.  As Moses said in Deuteronomy 30:19-20 “… I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life …”

When we recognize we’ve stumbled down the path of destructive thoughts, choose life ~ choose to remember how much God loves you!  How HE sees you as His Masterpiece.  And you will find that as you focus on what God thinks of you, you’ll put aside the other thoughts.

Remember your Supreme Benefit Package ~

He forgives you; He heals you; He redeems you from the pit; He beautifies, dignifies and crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercy. (Psalm 103)

One thought on “Choices…

  1. What a coincidence!
    Last night I decided to write all the positive things of the day in my journal.
    I had always put negative things there and read them over and over.
    Thank you, Michelle. Your blog today confirm my new project for the New Year..

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