What do you think?

Given God knows you inside and out; HIS thoughts of you outnumber the grains of sand; HE loves you ~ remembering your sin no more; and given His benefit package intended for YOU, I’m curious … do you see yourself as HE does in every area of your life?

Ephesians 2:10 says
For we are God’s masterpiece (workmanship/handiwork).
He has created us anew in Christ Jesus…”!

As you listen to your inner thoughts … your spoken word …and watch yourself in action, do you see yourself as God’s Masterpiece?  I pray you do!

There are times, however, when we can deceive ourselves.  Confidence reigns ~ seeing ourselves exactly as God does.  And then out of nowhere, our thoughts or spoken words reflect the negative/destructive voice of others!  Who will you believe?

This week I’d like to challenge you ~ spend time observing your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Step outside of yourself ~ watch and journal.  And then ask yourself, do those thoughts, spoken words and actions reflect the God who loves you and sees you as His Masterpiece?

If you’d like, email me at coachmichelle@charter.net and allow me to encourage you ~ remind you how God sees you!  You ARE His Masterpiece!

God’s Love and Blessings to you!

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